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New Family Questionnaire

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Name of individual completing this form:

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What is the best email address to contact you regarding this form?

3. *

Why have you specifically chosen to apply to Beloved Community Co-op?


4. *

Please tell us briefly about your homeschooling journey. Why did you decide to homeschool? What homeschooling strategies or programs have you used?


5. *

What curricula have you used or found to be a good fit for your family?


6. *

What goals (academic and non-academic) do you and your children have for homeschooling during the next school year? Are there any highly desired experiences or specific courses your family needs or wants?


7. *

The Beloved Community Co-op is Christ-centered in our foundation and leadership. In the spirit of Christ, we are welcoming families of all faith traditions. Does your family consider themselves a member of a faith community and if so, which one?


8. *

What gifts or talents do you or your co-parent/spouse have which might be a blessing to the co-op? Please include degrees, certifications, hobbies, special skills, areas of interest, or other experiences that you or your spouse may have. 

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Will you or your children be participating in any other co-op or educational programs during the 2022-23 school year?

Yes No
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If yes or maybe, please describe:


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Please list any homeschool programs or co-ops your family has been involved in, including any roles and length of affiliation.


12. *

Have you or any of your children ever been dismissed, placed on probationary status, or received disciplinary action from any school, homeschool, or other program?  


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If yes, please describe:


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What social media accounts do you have?

15. *

This community shares and upholds values of love, justice, and equality for all humanity regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, social status, family makeup, income, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical or mental health; we choose to love one another.

Do you agree or disagree with this statement and why?


16. *

Beloved Community Co-op strives to be diverse and inclusive; we joyfully welcome and celebrate families of all ethnic and racial backgrounds.

What racial and/or ethnic identities may we celebrate in your family?


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Please list two non-family references for your family. Be sure to include: Names, phone numbers, and email addresses.

18. *

In what capacity do your references know you and how long have they known your family?

19. *

Please use this space to provide any additional information that you would like us to know about your family.


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By signing below and clicking "SUBMIT," you acknowledge the above statements to be true; you understand that all applicants must be approved by the Beloved Community Co-op Board of Directors before the applicant is considered a member of the co-op. All applicants will be given due and careful consideration based on the application, references, background check, and family interview. Beloved Community Co-op reserves the right to deny applicants for any reason without explanation so long as the reason for denial does not violate federal or state laws.

Electronic Signature Agreement. By typing your name below and selecting the "Submit" button, you are signing this application electronically. You agree your electronic signature constitutes your legal signature as if actually signed by you in writing.