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Parent Expectations

The aim of Beloved Community Co-op is to operate like true community cooperative, where parents volunteer and fill roles within their areas of knowledge, skills, and talent, thus enabling costs to be kept as low and affordable as possible. However, we do reserve a few spots for parents who aren’t able to volunteer due to extenuating circumstances. 

When you join Beloved Community Co-op, your family agrees to:

  • Foster unity and harmony within the co-op.

  • Seek the image of God’s (Imago Dei) in all community members and therefore love and treat them as such.

  • Sincerely promote and live out the community values of fervent faith, rich diversity, servant leadership, humble integrity, courageous justice, and loving compassion.

  • Adhere to the core principles as well as policies and procedures set forth by Beloved Community Coop.

  • Actively participate in co-op class days and community events.

  • Create a safe, healthy, vibrant, and rich community with other co-op families to the best of your ability.

  • Serve within the co-op in some capacity, recognizing that the success of the co-op depends on everyone contributing in a meaningful way.

  • With humility and love for your brother and/or sister in Christ, work to resolve any conflicts in which you are a participant and/or witness.

  • Keep your commitments as best you are able.

  • Reach out to co-op leadership if you have a question or disagree about a decision recognizing you will be heard but cannot know everything that must be considered and understand that their decision will by final (leadership in turn promises to not abuse any power or authority over decision making and will prayerfully seek the Lord in careful consideration of all persons that will be affected by decisions).